Announcement About Amazon's Delivery Issue During COVID-19

Announcement About Amazon's Delivery Issue During COVID-19

For the past 4 years, DJ Bikes has been working closely with Amazon. We chose to send all inventories to Amazon's warehouses in both the US and Canada so we can guarantee a fast delivery. Usually, Amazon's delivery is 2 to 5 business days, and the delivery process has been consistent until early this year.

Amazon's now has a new policy. Since the COVID-19 outbreak happened, Amazon has refused to deliver over-sized packages. Because of this, DJ Bikes made a critical but essential decision about its inventory management. In July 2020, we started managing and delivering all bike orders by using our own capacity (warehouses).

You might have experienced that your Amazon order has been indefinitely pending, and that is outside of our control. If it happens, our suggestion is to cancel the order from Amazon, and order the same bike model on this website.

 Your order will be managed and delivered to you by DJ Bikes!

Here is the note from Amazon just for your reference.

Amazon Selling Partner Support

Upon reviewing this case, I understand that your order are unfulfilled through FBA under CA market place. This is the last COVID-19 update we received and this is the only cause why your orders are not being fulfilled.


Amazon is temporarily limiting receiving, restocking, and shipping for products that require two people to pick, pack or ship. This applies to parcels and individual products weighing between 49 lbs - 99 lbs (22.2 Kg - 44.9 Kg).


April 21, 2020 (And still going on)


A mass mail will be sent to the sellers informing them about the change. For products and parcels already on their way to our fulfillment centres and that are between 49 lbs - 99 lbs (22.2 Kg - 44.9 Kg), we will make every effort to receive these products while adhering to guidance from health authorities. Any shipment rejected will be sent back, however we expect these cases will be limited. If Sellers have already created a shipment for products weighing between 49 lbs - 99 lbs (22.2 Kg - 44.9 Kg) and it has not already been shipped, Sellers must cancel the shipment.