Getting the most ride time out of your e-bike battery!

Getting the most ride time out of your e-bike battery!

One of our most frequently asked questions is why riders are getting less miles out of their ride on a battery charge. There are a whole host of factors going into battery life – some within your control, some not so much. Here’s a short list of considerations:

Weather conditions: riding into a strong headwind or in storm conditions is one example of something that can work the motor harder

Terrain: not surprisingly, factors like long climbs and rough road conditions can drain your juice

Rider weight and cargo load: what you’re carrying or pulling on your body or bike can have a big impact on your battery life

Mode: are you cycling with the motor engaged most of the time? That will cause battery drain  to increase. Try some motor-free time. Also, be aware that the throttle uses more battery power than the Pedal Assist System (PAS)

Battery maintenance: like any battery, maintenance is critical for a long battery life. See our blog post on battery maintenance tips (

With tweaking your cycling habits, you may find your “sweet spot” for a longer, still enjoyable ride. And for longer trips, some e-bike owners buy a spare battery, and carry it along for the ride. See our website for our collection of DJ Bike batteries:, and battery FAQ's in our Help Center: