New Saskatchewan Canada vendors

New Saskatchewan Canada vendors

We are excited to announce our newest vendor in Weyburn SK! Mick and Carol Samenook are no strangers to owning and operating their own small business, having done so for 30 years. Three years ago, Mick and Carol embraced the RV lifestyle, enjoying being active in the great outdoors. They began to pay attention to ebikes and caught a vision of how much farther they could explore while riding.

When Mick’s brother and his wife bought DJ Bikes in Alberta, Mick and Carol began their research, and quickly decided that DJ Bikes was their first choice as well. They can’t wait ‘til spring and summer to explore and show off their bikes wherever their RV takes them. Mick and Carol see their RV and ebikes as an investment in their future.

Mick and Carol hadn’t intended to start another small business, but couldn’t resist the offer of sharing the vision. They plan to show the bikes at trade and home-and-garden shows, and know they will attract folks who are retired and want to venture farther afield, commuters who use the bikes to get to work in an environmentally friendly way, and health-conscious people who want to get active or stay active.

What sold Mick and Carol was the DJ Bikes’ passion and family-friendly culture. Keep an eye out for their coming website - M&C Distribution.

Congratulations Mick and Carol, and happy ebiking, Saskatchewan!