Puncture resistant tires - new to DJ Bikes!

Puncture resistant tires - new to DJ Bikes!

Our newest shipment of DJ Bikes includes the Folding Step Thru model, and we are excited to announce that this model now comes with puncture resistant tires. The remaining models will have the new tires at some point throughout 2021.
What are puncture resistant tires? This is an umbrella term for any tire that has added features to protect against punctures. This is typically a thick lining inside the tire to protect the tube.

What features do tires with a puncture resistant lining have?
The tires have an inbuilt layer of protection that sits between the tire and the tube making them harder to puncture from the outside. They generally last a lot longer than usual tires.

Three benefits to puncture resistant tIres:

  1. They are effective. You will be more protected from external punctures.
  2. They give you confidence. You can tackle more unstable terrain without worrying about a blow out.
  3. No inconvenient and costly changing of tires. Because of extra components on electric bikes such as the motor, changing tires can be inconvenient and costly. Puncture resistant tires makes it far less likely that you will have to repair or replace your tires.

We will announce the roll-out of puncture resistant tires as more information becomes available. In the meantime, order a Folding Step Thru bike now, while they last!