Why choose an electric bike?

Why choose an electric bike?

It is not a secret that cycling makes you fitter. Research shows that it also sharpens your thinking and melts away stress. And while attitudes toward cycling are changing, so are the bikes themselves.

Electronic bicycles, also known as ebikes, are making a serious impression. While they look like normal two-wheelers, they have a built-in electric motor for propulsion. Some kick in with pedaling and others have motors with which you can thumb the throttle.

So, you’re wondering, if the bike is doing the work, where’s the exercise? Well, the trick to making your ebike a fitness tool is to use the motor just enough to keep going. Cycle until you’re tired or you hit a steep hill, then rev the engine for that extra "oomph."

Now this is where DJ Bikes comes in, a stylish, friendly, personable and warm Canadian brand run by its owners Daniel and his wife Jolin. Daniel prides himself on being warm and friendly with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, genuine care for his customers and passion for his brand.

D and J have mastered the true nature and craft of this business, having ridden bikes and played sports all their lives. They also have 15 years of international consulting and technical experience which led to the birth of DJ Bikes. Their passion was to make eco-friendly, high-quality and economical products available to all.

Both Mountain and City electric bikes have a sophisticated and luxurious feel. The bikes equip a powerful 500W (Canada) or 750W (U.S.) motor and 48V/13Ah battery, along with a strong, lightweight, sporty aluminum frame and high-quality mainstream components. They are economical, fast, silent and fun to ride. The lithium-ion battery can be charged on the bike, or easily removed for charging and storage.

What’s more? DJ Bikes offer price-for-everyone bikes. Search the internet, and you will not find anything to beat ttheir prices with the same or similar specifications. Daniel's passion is to offer an electric bike no matter what your age, gender, or body shape.

Daniel’s passion has been evidenced by excellent reviews on Amazon:

“My wife just got this ebike and absolutely loves it! Very sturdy and well built — it has the more powerful 48V motor and large battery. I have a mountain bike version of this, but she wanted a step-through frame. If you never have ridden an ebike, they are amazing. We are in our 60’s and these bikes allow us to ride farther and more easily than a regular bike. You can select the amount of electric assist the bike provides — from 0 assist to completely running on electric (no pedaling). Range is expected to be 25 to 40+ miles per charge, depending on the assist level. I have about 25 miles on my last charge (riding at assist level 1 & 2) and the battery still indicates it is 3/4 charged. So they deliver.

I actually bought this bike on ebay, but the vendor uses Amazon to sell the same bike. Our bike did arrive with some shipping damage (broken King meter), but I contacted Daniel Yang, the vendor, and he shipped me a replacement meter. He was a great guy to work with and stood behind his product. I spoke with him several times and he wanted to be sure we were satisfied. Only had the bike a short time, but so far everything is great! My wife and I are looking forward to having many long bike rides together!”     – Reviewed by MarkE:

“Love this bike. It is just what I needed to be able to ride with my husband again after knee issues. Well built and I have received more than one compliment when others see it. The weight of the bike with battery is 63lbs but it’s still manageable if I have to walk it. The headlight would not come on but the retailer has been very good with communication and is sending a new one. I was skeptical about ordering something this expensive sight unseen but have been pleasantly surprised by the overall experience.”  – Another review by Linda 

The pictures of the bikes say it all. If you’re looking for a gas free, zero emissions ebike that will put a smile on your face, get a DJ bike!