DJ Bikes Customer Referral Program

DJ Bikes is excited and proud to announce its new Customer Referral Program!

We wondered how to invest our marketing budget and couldn’t get past our passion for our customers. Our desire and goal are to share the success of DJ Bikes. So, we decided to build a referral program that has an immediate benefit to our loyal customer base. Win-win!

The Referral Program allows you to share your riding experience while getting rewarded. Your referrals, whether to family, friends, or strangers on the bike path, will receive a 5% discount off their order, while you will receive 5% coupon of their purchase value as your reward. If you are a DJ Bikes owner, then you can redeem the coupon as a cash back!


How does it work?

Step 1: Share

Sharing is super easy! Please click on the Refer and be Rewarded button on the bottom left of the website. Choose “Join Now” if you do not have a DJ account or “Sign-In” if you do.

Once you finish the login, your personal Referral Link will be automatically generated. Click on the copy button to the right of the code, and you can share it by Email, Facebook or Twitter.


Step 2: Purchase & Save

When your friends or family shop via your Referral code, they will receive a 5% discount on their orders instantly. You will receive a 5% coupon code based on the purchase value separately.


Step 3: Earn

You can redeem the coupon code to purchase anything at DJ Bikes website. If you have a previous purchase at DJ Bikes website, please contact us and let us know. We can redeem your coupon code manually and refund the money back to your original purchase. The more you refer, the more you will earn!







  • How About Strangers Who Stop Me on the Road?

DJ customers often tell the story of being on their ebikes, and stopped by strangers who admire their bikes. If you don’t have any mean to share your referral link, please give your name, phone or email to your new friend. Once we receive an order from your new friend, then we will honor you as a referrer of this order and grant both of you 5% off the purchase value. You make a new friend, promote DJ Bikes, and receive a reward!


  • Can I Just Be Your Salesman and Get Rewarded?

Every now and then, we have someone who just loves the DJ Bikes without yet being an owner! They can still refer family, friends, or others to DJ Bikes, and receive coupons which can be redeemed to purchase anything on the website.

If they want cash back, then we will pay the referrer by doing a Paypal transfer. The only condition is that the total cash value needs to exceed $300 at the time the coupons are redeemed. Please note that you are responsible for paying any applicable taxes associated with the earning.


  • Is There Any Limit To How Many Rewards I Can Earn?

Absolutely not! If fact, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Do the math… after 20 referrals, you have yourself a free ebike – and DJ continues to build its amazing customer base and success. You win; DJ wins; everyone wins!


  • Are there any exclusions?

Yes. This offer is limited to sales made on the DJ Bikes' site. Sales through other channels such as Amazon, Best Buy, MDG, and third party retail partners are not eligible. Please also note that referrals cannot come from the same household. The intention of the program is to reward you by referring your friends, family members not living with you, colleagues, etc.


Check out the DJ Bikes’ website for more details and spread the word – We all can enjoy cycling. Be young & have fun!

Have a question? Please feel free to email when making a referral.