Electric Bike Battery 48V 13Ah for DJ Fat Bike
Electric Bike Battery 48V 13Ah for DJ Fat Bike
Electric Bike Battery 48V 13Ah for DJ Fat Bike
Electric Bike Battery 48V 13Ah for DJ Fat Bike
Electric Bike Battery 48V 13Ah for DJ Fat Bike

Electric Bike Battery 48V 13Ah for DJ Fat Bike

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 This is the battery for DJ Fat Bike series.

• Powerful: 48V 13Ah - Made with 18650 Samsung Lithium Ion cells.
Long Lasting: Charging cycles over 1000 times.
 High Quality: Battery is UN.38.3 certified. Charger is UL certified.
• Smart Components: The circuit board comes with Battery Management System to keep battery safe.
• Compatible: Battery is North America standard and fits to most of popular Ebikes. 
• Warranty: Both battery and charger have 1 year warranty.

DJ Bikes is known for providing high-quality Ebike Battery at affordable pricing. We use only authentic brand Samsung made with the best Battery Management System and the best components.
The circuit board that makes your ebike battery “smart”. All of our packs have state of the art BMS to keep your pack safe. Ebike Battery packs are made with 18650 Samsung lithium cells

Award Certifications

  • The battery is Hazmat safety certified(UN38.3) to be shipped safely.
  • The battery has passed all the product safety test offered by a third party technical lab. Quality is endorsed.
  • The battery charger is UL certified with the file number (E363799) and/or model name (SPBC4802A). 

The purchase comes with:

  • Battery
  • Charger
  • 2 Keys

How is Battery Power Calculated?

Speaking about power, we need to understand the math behind it. The unit Watt hour (Wh) is the power rating of your Ebike Battery. The battery determines how long your bike will go. So how does the motor relate to your battery? Let me give you 2 examples.

1. If you own a Ebike with a 250 watt motor and a 250 watt hours (Wh) battery. The battery will last you an hour (250/250) at full throttle. However, the low 250 Wh battery can not give you too much assist.

2. If you upgrade your Ebike with a 500 watt motor and a 625 watt hours (Wh) battery. At full throttle, the battery will last 1.25 (625/500) hour, and you will be given twice as much boost as you get from the 250 watt motor.

Therefore, a high watt hours battery gives you a longer range and comes with a higher price.


We recommend choosing a higher amp battery over a lower. However, please be careful that picking the wrong voltage battery is the only thing that could do serious damage to your ebike motor. Get the voltage right and you can’t go wrong with the rest.

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